Green Wood were contracted to fell 205 field side Poplars along Prickwillow Road, Isleham.











Greenwood Tree Surgery were contracted to fell the 205 field side Poplars along prickwillow road between Isleham and Prickwillow. Over the winter several of the trees fell into the field, all failing at the base. The trees were independently surveyed and confirmed to be dangerous prior to G's contacting us.

Nearly all of the trees showed signs of substantial and repeated infestation of the Hornet moth, also known as Hornet Clearwing (Sesia apiformis). This moth lays its eggs at the base of its preferred host tree species, usually Willow and Poplar particularly trees with long grass at the base, the larvae then lives for two to three years in the roots and base of the tree before emerging and often laying eggs on the same or a neighbouring tree. Whilst felling we confirmed the survey findings with the vast majority of the trees showing very little sound timber at the base. It is always a shame to remove so many trees from one location but they were definitely a safety issue.

Waste from this job will be put to good use with the wood chip being composted by the client to be spread back on to the land The timber has been given to Karma Farm Eco Campsite, with the larger trunks being planked for use as cladding and the smaller trunks, fire wood for campers.



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