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We are proud of the personal and professional service that we provide.


The majority of our work comes from recommendation, referrals and repeat customers.

Our most popular services are tree pruning, tree felling, stump removal, hedge cutting and planting trees or hedgerows. We always promote tree health first and for most, striving to reach the balance between your needs and the tree’s needs, we are much more than just lopping, topping or tree cutting, our expert knowledge and practices can help promote tree health and longevity.

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Crown Thinning

Crown thinning does not change the overall shape or size of the tree it is the removal of smaller branches usually within the outer crown, this is done to produce an even density of foliage and even spacing between branches. This type of tree surgery is normally carried out to allow more light to pass through the canopy or even to reduce weight and wind resistance.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches normally requested to improve access under the tree e.g. mowing the grass or increasing the light under the tree. Crown lifting is normally measured in metres from the ground to the lowest branch.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is the removal of the outer most branches of the crown making the whole tree smaller.

Tree Felling

When a tree has out grown its situation or has become dangerous then removal may be required. We specialise in carefully dismantling trees in confined spaces where care and consideration is paramount. So whether it’s a conservatory or green house, a phone wire or just not enough space to fell the tree we have all the necessary equipment, experience and expertise to work safely around or over any obstacle.


Coppicing a tree would mean to cut the tree down and leave a high standing stump allowing the tree to re grow from the stump. Note not suitable for all species typically used on Hazels or Willows.


A heavy reduction, removing branches larger than a normal reduction. This is used to control a tree that would become far too big for its environment this process produces an abundance of new growth that will need to be removed on a routine basis. A pollarded weeping willow may have to be re-pollarded every three to five years. This procedure is not suitable for all species, species that respond best to pollarding are Willows, Limes and some other broad leaf species.

Deadwood Removal

The removal of dead or dying branches is beneficial for the health of the tree. This is normally done for safety reasons especially within public areas or close to public highways.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is usually undertaken on younger trees and is used to produce a good shape and a healthier crown in the long term.


Bracing is used to minimise the risk carried by weak forks and or heavy limbs, we use a modern non-invasive method in line with current recommendations.


Whether it’s a tree that has beautiful spring flowers or stunning autumnal colour you want or a hedge with berries and fruit for the wildlife, we can advise, supply and plant any length of hedge and anything from single specimen trees to a small woodlands.

Tree Surveys

If you own land with trees growing on it you have a legal responsibility, A Duty of Care to ensure your trees do not injure or damage any third parties or property. Problems with trees can sometimes be hard to spot, GWTS works closely with an arboreal consultant with over 30 years’ experience to produce surveys that not only spot potential hazards but can also be used to plan work. Ultimately reducing the risk and likelihood of what could be an expensive accident.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be unsightly, get in the way or encourage harmful fungi. They are, by design often very difficult to dig out. We always look to minimise disruption to the surrounding ground. So instead of digging large holes, we grind out the stump, leaving you with a smooth, neat extraction, allowing you to grass over, re-plant or begin construction.


Tree Preservation


A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is placed on a tree or an area of trees to protect it from deliberate damage and is enforced by the local council. Before any works can be undertaken on a tree with a TPO consent needs to be obtained from relevant authority.


Green Wood is happy to give advice or even apply on your behalf. Once the application is submitted the determination date is normally eight weeks.


Green Wood will always check the status of any tree prior to any works commencing, as failure to gain permission could result in a criminal conviction.


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Is an area considered worthy of preservation this also includes the tree and hedges within this area. Trees play an important role in the quality and character of an area and are consequently protected by the Conservation area.


Green Wood will check the status of the area and apply on your behalf with your permission if necessary.


This process can take up to six weeks for consideration by the Council.


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